‘Inlaks Has Requisite Expertise Business Can Depend On’ – Moody’s Analytics


Moody’s Analytics, provider of financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions has described Inlaks as a knowledge driven organisation that they can depend to achieve business growth in Nigeria.

Associate Director and Solution Specialist at Moody’s Analytics, Waseem Nisar explained this at the Moody’s Analytics West Africa Conference themed “Exploring Challenges for West Africa in Post-IFRS 9 World” that was hosted by Moody’s Analytics and Inlaks.

“Inlaks has been in Nigeria for over three decades, we formed relationship with about three to four years ago, which has provided ground level supports to our customers in Nigeria”, Nisar said.

In his words, Nisar said that what Moody’s Analytics is doing in Nigeria is to bring the knowledge they’ve gained in other parts of world to Nigeria for Nigerians and organisations in country to benefits from their experiences.

He urged the government to provide enable environment for foreign investors to come into the country for them to do business.

“There are a lot of regulations here in Nigeria that will hinder foreign investors to do business, so to make it easier for them to come into the country, government should create enable environment for foreign investors to do business”, he urged.

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