‘To Achieve Your Personal, Career and Business Growth in The Year 2020, Do The Followings’ – Fela Durotoye

Nation Builder, Fela Durotoye

Nation Builder and Alliance for New Nigeria’s presidential candidate, Fela Durotoye has identified key factors that must be put in place to achieve personal, career and business growth in the New Year.

Durotoye itemised the points in a television interview with the Founder of EbonyLive Television, Mo Abudu.

The points are mentioned below:

  1. We need to approach the New Year and our goals the same way we approach food. Get a plate, load it with the different things you want to create the balanced meal.

2. You need to stay hungry enough to keep eating; otherwise you lose your appetite.

3. The same way you need protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients on your plate is the same way you need to set goals for every area of your life.Your goals and achievements are framed within your life.

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4. If you achieve a goal that is not in tune with your existence, you will have a defective success

5. Defective success is achieving something you were not sent to do

6. Your goals must be in line with what you understand your purpose to be

7. One important thing to do every year is to say I want to be closer to the reason why I was born, I want to use my time for what for what my lifetime was given for.

8. Your life’s purpose is the biggest reason why you are in existence

9. Every time you refocus on your purpose on earth, it helps you to see pass the loss you’ve encountered.

10. Purpose fuels you. It gives you energy.

11. If a part of your life seems to have shutdown it’s because there is a bigger and newer thing coming. You just need to discover it and frame your goals around it

12. The goals that are in line with your purpose are the sweetest goals

13. Vision is setting a road picture of what you want to achieve

14. Pro-vision is the essential part of the resources required for your dream

15. Vision is the destination, actions are the things you focus on to lead to your destination.

16. If you get on board to a destination you don’t know then you are strolling.

17. Vision is not something you do with your outer eye, it is done with the inner eye

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18. The only thing procrastination hates is ‘now’

19. Do something everyday towards accomplishing that thing you want to be grateful for at the end of the year

20. Make a positive impact on everyone you meet

21. Be a solution provider and not a part of the problems to be solved

22. Be a role model worthy of emulation

23. Be the best in all that you do particularly in what you are naturally good at

24. Do the right thing regardless of who is doing the wrong thing

25. Value time and make the best use of it

26. Care and show respect through my words and action

27. Consciously build a great legacy

28. Live a life of Integrity and honor

29 Make my family, nation and God proud.

30. Vision is the destination, actions are the things you focus on to lead to your destination.                                                                                         

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