‘My Job as a Copywriter is To Strengthen Brands, Consumers’ Relationship’ – Gabriel Faniyan


After studying English and Literature in his first and second degree at the University of Ibadan, the typical idea would have been to go back to school to teach English Language and Literature based on the course he had studied at the university, but the only time Gabriel Faniyan had been in the classroom to teach was when he taught Use of English and Literature briefly at the University of Ibadan under the General Studies Programme.

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Gabriel is presently the Group Head, Copy at Image and Time Nigeria Limited where he said his role is not primarily to proofread text, correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors but to build and strengthen relationships between brands and their consumers.

Before going to Image and Time to work, he had worked at Fuel Communications where he worked on various brands that include Larfarge, Onga, Flour Mill, Leadway Pension, Gionee, May & Baker and others

From working on those brands, he has also worked on different Union Bank’s campaigns when he joined Image and Time.

He pointed that Union Bank’s copies challenged people to share what they were doing to beat the pandemic on social media in order to create a ripple effect across the country.

“With a little incentive, it worked like magic and we were able to change the conversation from what the virus was doing to what individuals, families and small businesses were doing to rise above the pandemic,

The most recent was the Union Bank‘s 60th Independence Day campaign.  We built our celebration on the one foundation that no one could contest― Nigerians. We got Nigerians to mark the day by celebrating their ingenuity, resilience, and hope”, he said.

Gabriel is a prolific writer and has various sets of skills, expertise and experience that give him the edge for roles that demand skills in the creative use of language and ideas.

His first novel, ‘Empth Barrels’ was published before he was admitted into the university and wrote his second book, Sunrise at Night before completing his first degree.

“I was a commissioned writer for the popular Spectrum High Standard English Books 4 and 5 and later got a job as a copywriter at Fuel Communications to stretch his creative thinking and writing abilities”, Gabriel explained.

Gabriel wants young people to be happy and have good disposition to life, saying that if young people wait for everything to be okay to be happy, they would wait for eternity and if they decide to be happy, things are more likely to be fine.

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“My advice to young people is for them to do all they can to get to the right place. It does not matter what they studied in school, they should get themselves to the right sector, industry and office, even if they have to work for free”, he said.









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