Journalism in a Fast Pacing World

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By Segun Adesokan 

In the wake of highly liberalized means by which new media media and its attendant closely related tools such as softwares and others have made news consumption instant, or news on the go, all posing a direct threat to the art and practice of news content generation, editing, dissemination, and accessibility forcing irresistible changes to the dynamics of Journalism profession, practitioners and other stakeholders within the media industry eco-system owe it to themselves and to thier survival the need to keep pace with the prospects which this technology offers, with a view to leveraging on it for better editorial experience and profitability.

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However, as much I would love to agree that this new technologies are dangerously disrupting the conventional norms in Journalism and media eco-systems, it also offers renewed opportunities for users,  journalists and other content creators opening a new vista of opputnity to raise their games, bench mark themselves where applicable, pitch their services, build larger audience, influence government decisions remotely hence making the world better and inhabitably free, even in places where one never have possibly thought or imagined.

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It is an indisputable fact that the world is now a global village, even as internet accessibility and penetration is reaching more people as electronic devices and other gadgets are more proliferated and user friendly, connecting more people, expanding the scope of public discourse, promoting participation while the Journalism also get more daring in its agenda setting role.

This piece, perhaps seeks to suggests way and practical steps in turning the prevailing tide of disruptive technologies rampant in the media to one’s advantage, especially Journalism industry as the pace in that the job entails is now super fast and news on the go.

Having said this, I believe, going forward, main stream media practitioners and other Journalism related professionals urgently needs to bridge the below gaps or kick start processes in twerking its outdated editorial policies where applicable, diffusing or expunging it outrightly with technology driven inputs, where necessary in the following areas:

Graphic Communication Skills

Journalists need to come to terms with the fact that getting attention on the internet and the time spent by audience on every content is increasingly reducing. Graphic design offers another means by which written words are compressed into few visual elements. This reduces the weight, time spent on editing and data required of audiences to consume online contents. Some websites also offer more flexible features by helping visitors create designs seamlessly through its sampled templates.

Digital Marketing Skills

As part of what Journalism Professionals need to keep pace with in the discharge of their duties, is Digital marketing, whereby the contents generated could be targeted at specified audiences, only by learning how to use Ad Managers of most social media. Through Digitally driven marketing, Petitions and Investigative contents could be delivered at the very doorstep of critical authority who should react to it. Also, Content could be targeted as some carefully chosen demographic in order to increase followership.

Knowledge and Editorial Policies of the New Media 

The new media/social media is self regulating, and as such, content policies and use of platforms, dashboard setups of all mediums also differs, which Journalist needs to have full a grasp of in order to create compelling and interesting contents. Downloading of pdf and e-books on better use of medium is also of great advantage.

Strategic Content Marketing 

This is also a trend whereby specially written editorials and reports on topical events are syndicated or boosted in order for the medium to consolidate its grip on the community, as the fourth estate of the realm, at very cheaper costs.

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Digitally Composed Editorial Unit

With an editorial desk of Journalism outfits Digitally driven, every member is assigned a task on what to do remotely, even without interfacing with other members, as this would help fast track some assignments to be deliberated upon, cutting or totally eliminating hiccups mostly attached to physical meetings like traffic or weather conditions like rain.

Moneytizastion of Platforms Through Traffic

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This is another major benefits online Journalism need to take advantage of. Journalism owes the public the rights to get them informed, educated and entertained. Most importantly, also, Journalism outfits also owe itself the need to generate funds for the sustenance of its contents, staffs and overheads. This is made relatively easy as some websites pay for Journalism firms for clicks to advertised banners and exposures of other advertorial contents or visits on their websites.



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