Why SMEs Must Adopt Digital Transformation – KPMG’s Data Analyst

KPMG's Partner and Head, Emerging Technology, Data and Analitics.

KPMG‘s Partner and Head, Emerging Technology, Data and Analitics, Ladi Asuni has made the remark on radio station in Lagos while discussing the digital transformation outlook for Nigeria in 2021: Key trends and Opportunities for SMEs.

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Asuni said on Fidelity SME Forum, a 30-minute experience and knowledge sharing radio and Instagram live programme aimed at empowering Nigerian entrepreneurs on Inspiration FM, 92.3 that digitalization has come to stay as the world now becomes a global market through internet which SMEs must join the trends through digital marketing, E-commerce or lose out from it opportunities.

‘Technology players like Google, Microsoft are investing in digital literacy for businesses to adopt digital transformation to grow and increase revenue as over 45% of Nigeria population now have access to the internet.Insurance transformation: Getting fit for digital - KPMG Global

In today’s world, E-commerce has been the trend where small and medium scale enterprise can leverage on to boost thier sales, expand thier market audience and build internet presence in the cyber space.

Speaking on the opportunities, Asuni highlighted that data analysis on customers, market positioning with millions of prospective audience, reduction of cost production are amongst the gains attributes to digital transformation.

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‘Enterprisers does not need to be versed in computer science knowledge to achieve digital transformation in their businesses, it only for them to focus on the aspect of their business that can give them the best digital returns and possibly get those work done.





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