LIMBSimple: Enhancing Entrepreneurs’ Potentials With Strategy Factory

MD/CEO,LIMB Simple, Ezekiel Solesi

Nurudeen Salako

Complexity is the enemy of execution, business people don’t want to execute things that are complex and that’s why we have high success rate at LIMB Simple, we teach STIM knowledge in simplest way. – Ezekiel Solesi, CEO, LIMB Simple.

As Nigeria economy returns to thriving course and aiming to bounce back from Covid-19 pandemic after economical downturns, which had unprecedentedly ravaged the entire world activities, business owners and Investors through Life Investing Money and Business made simple academy, (LIMB Simple) are also not loosing out in acquiring the required additional business skills and management knowledge to grow their businesses and improve revenues in 2021.

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Life Investing Money and Business made simple academy (LIMB Simple) over the years has remained committed in enhancing over two thousands business owners, entrepreneurs from diverse industries as fashion, manufacturing, consulting, network marketing with up-to-date cutting head management strategies, better business decision making process, execution of business potentials and ideas into implementation through strategy factory simplicity.

is for entrepreneurs who want to set up scale of their business and the idea is taking all the information that people are using to do huge numbers in their businesses and providing them with cuting head strategies. how do you grow your business, how do you hire, how do you fire, how do you structure your business that in such way people that are in there are the right set of people, getting to the market in the right way.

Essentially, LIMB Simple stand for simplicity in providing STIM knowledge, (Simplify, Technical, Inspirational and Motivational) information to helps businesses and individuals to make deliberate improvement in their businesses or life.

LIMB Simple Chief Executive Officer, Ezekiel Solesi emphasized the purpose of strategy factory on what it intended to achieve for entrepreneurs in making their clients to think bigger as most businesses are trying to build small in terms of building for their own success.

“As we always promote at LIMB Simple, we encourage our clients after exposing them to the possibility of growth in business with cutting head strategies, we also encourage them to expand in size and revenues and look for big strategies to grow, they can achieve more so settling for lesser should not be an option.

Entrepreneurs, business executives who participated in the LIMB simple strategy factory session held in Lagos also narrates their experiences during the business coaching session and recounts how mind-shifting and more enlighten they are.

Emmanuel Osoteku, a Managing Director of Global Leadership Academy who was amongst the participants expressed satisfaction for attending strategy factory haven achieved his set goals for the session.

“I came here because of one important thing in business which is strategy. I needed to understand how to get what I want in my business, maximizing the people and resources one have and I was taught how to manage and maximize business and increase productivity in 2021. I want to achieve tremendous growth in my business and this session has expanded my mind. He said.

Speaking on the next line of action with the strategies learnt, Emmanuel highlighted improving his company revenue, offering more value to customers and raising more people who can run his business in his absence become priorities.

For the Zodi Logistics General manager, Owagoi Bassey revealed the reason of her participation saying she attends the session for more business guidelines that could improve her both as an employee and entrepreneur.

Commending LIMB Simple Owagoi said, “What i got here surpassed my expectations and my mind have been opened to several principles I didn’t think of or know before. For instance, Everything that happens to me or I go through happened for my sake. change of mind set, rather than thinking in negative way, there’s something positive that is leading me to even bigger.

“I head a team and i will apply some this principles on how I will lead the team in going forward. I’ll apply it as business owner also on how I can increase my profit.

Getting the required strategies to gain entry into the make-up artistry market for her new brand made Olubusola Adedayo to attend the strategy factory.

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“It’s time to actually scale up in my business. am planning to launch my business into the market this year, so I need necessary strategies to gain entry into a new market, I need to know how to build new a customer base and earn better revenue by the end of 2021.

“With this strategy session, now i can be able to communicate my brand story clear to the clients, also to communicate to my team the vision and where we are per time and proper documentation model for my business procedures, activities and roles for continuity. she said.










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