‘Nigerian Youths Are Not Lacking Ideas, Government’s Inefficient Policies Unnerve Them’   – Omojuwa

Founder and Chief Strategist, The Alpha Reach, Japhet Omojuwa

Nurudeen Salako

Renowned media and policy analyst, Japheth Omojuwa, popularly known as “JJ” has said that Nigerian youths are innovative in ideas and creativity, but lack of effective policy agenda in the political system has been a major challenge that hinders them from achieving their goals.

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Omojuwa mentioned that out of 100 most influential  people in the world, according to TIME Magazine are five Nigerians, saying that the country will not achieve enough because of how the laws are designed.

“Bad policy will continue to constrain us if we don’t formulate and implement policies that would promote our ideas and develop our nation”, he stressed.

He charged the government to formulate and implement development-based policies that would enhance social-economic development growth in Nigeria.

Omojuwa spoke at the virtual Economic Outlook Conference organised by Victoria Island’s Local Organisation of Junior Chambers International.

He stressed the need for immediate intervention on sustainable growth policies, adding that Nigerians are vast intellectually but struggling to make impacts in the country due policies deficiency.


“In the presence of entrepreneurship spirit, we will continue to witness set back due to bad policies. Nigerians are creating things that we didn’t imagine years ago because of access to mobile phones and social media, we can now have unethical policemen caught in extra judicial killing,

That will be innovation for justice because we can start recording bad things. Imagine if government legalizes that, it would reduce injustice, kidnapping and other immoral activities,” he explained.

According to him, people should be responsible in finding ways to influence government policies to the advantage of masses and be more pragmatic and not idealism.

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“We must enjoin participation from youths to be part of policy formulation and influence, as they give our legislators ideas to make things happens” he added.

He however, commended JCI for remaining steadfast in promoting leadership core values and personal growth for people to emulate from.




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