SystemSpecs’ Executive Director Charges Youths on Political, Economic Transformation

Executive Director, Systemspecs, Deremi Atanda

Nurudeen Salako

Executive Director, SystemSpecs, ‘Deremi Atanda has charged Nigerian youths to step up and more actively play definitive roles in the country’s affairs. He encouraged young people to participate a lot more in the Nigeria’s political and economic space for the actualization of national growth and advancement.

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Atanda said this in a keynote address he gave at the Economic Outlook Conference organized by Victoria Island’s Local Organisation of the Junior Chamber International on the topic “Driving National Growth through Innovation and Youth Pragmatism”

Atanda stressed the need for commitment by young people to the translation of the national dream of a brighter and prosperous country into reality and indeed achieving national growth through youth pragmatism. He added that the commitment stages of this call to action requires individual, social and institutional involvement for the realization of the national development.

According to him, “youth mobilization and advocacy are imperative for people, especially for youths to be fully informed and aware of the national transformation, leveraging social media to drive change and positive developments.”

He highlighted capacity building as a major imperative young people must use to influence national growth and economic development.

Other tools he also mentioned are leadership and strong emotional intelligence skills to build viable and strong institutions for the development of the country.

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“Political imperative is very pertinent in actualizing national youth consensus, an option for them to be active in politics.

They need to be on board the political structure and party participation because that remains the only recognized platform where meaningful changes can be implemented. It is the only process required for positive change”, Atanda said.





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