Gaming Approach is The New Marketing Trend – Nwanede, Brand Mobil Africa CEO

Brand Mobile Africa Founder, Toby Nwanede

A marketing technology firm, BrandMobile Africa Founder, Toby Nwanede has tasks marketing professionals to leverage on gaming towards their marketing strategies approach as it enhances efficiency and actualization of marketing goals with numerous attract benefits.

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According to Toby, gamification is the application of game-playing element to nongame environment like marketing, sales which allows participants to earn rewards.

He explained that the application thrives on major three areas which are behavioral economics, loyalty program and game design.

Speaking on the significance of using gaming to leverage, Toby further explained that gaming marketing approach build consistency, customers’ loyalty and engagement for brands as the global gaming industry is worth $150 billion, while mobile gaming industry worth $77 billion as at 2020.

In his word, “when people play game, they tap into these motivations, achievements by trying to get more points and getting to the next level.

Leveraging Gaming for Marketing: The Brand Mobile Africa Approach - YouTube

Imaging oneself in a different reality, challenge and competition by trying to defeat opponent or overcome a hurdle, showing corporation working together with friends as a team. Relating all these game qualities to marketing and sales approach improve productivity and boost sales”,

Stressing further, Toby explained game mechanics as key elements in gamification, as they form the major bedrock for the flow and logic behind engagement, Nwanede said.

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“Point in game could be used as visual identifiers of progress, leadership used for inclusion and competition, badges to record and celebrate all achievements, reward in game to incentivize actions and accomplishments, challenge to set a target to be achieved, level to record growth as user progress;, he explained.





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