‘What is Highly Unusual in The Market Place are what Steve Harris, Bankole Williams and I are Doing’ – Jimi Tewe

CEO, The Jimi Tewe Company, Jimi Tewe

Executive Coach and Human Capacity Development Expert, Jimi Tewe has identified the professional relationship between him and other two business coaches, Steve Harris and Bankole Williams as what distinguished them in the industry.

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Tewe said in a narration on his Instagram page that collaboration is the culture three of them have been practicing and what has positioned them at the zenith of their industry in the past years.

Chief Executive Officer, EdgeEcution. Steve Harris

“It’s easy to take a view that what we do is almost the same thing and so this should make us competitors but for several years, we have been collaborating on many projects, celebrating each other’s wins and all making progress”.

Tewe mentioned that it is highly unusual in the market place, as most people are very guarded about what they do, their contacts and many collaboration opportunities because they do not want to lose while others gain.

“They operate from a conviction that there are less jobs available and they can’t share but take all to themselves.”

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On the other hand, he pointed that many people operate with a SCARCITY MINDSET, “they feel if they share opportunities with others, they will lose and others gain”, he said.

He urged everyone to collaborate with others who have abundance mindsets. He stressed that they will know people who have abundance mindsets on how they treat little things as the way they will treat bigger things.

Founder & Principal consultant at LYD Consulting, Bankole Williams

“If they cannot faithfully collaborate in small things, forget the big ones”, he urged.

He is the author of the book, Pillar of Career Success, The Purpose Book and THINK: Move Your Life Forward on Purpose.

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Tewe is also the CEO of The Jimi Tewe Company, a human capacity development firm focused on helping people discover the best of themselves for maximum productivity and providing effective people solutions to organizations across different industries.



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