ECSCorp Announces ‘The Incubator Reality Show’, Winners To Go Home with $2M Startup Fund



ECSCorp, – a global solution company that uses an agile approach to solving the most complex business problems is set to create ‘The Incubator Reality Show’ to address the most critical challenges startups encounter in the country with a $2M startup fund for winners.

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The reality show according to the Initiator and Lead Consultant, Tayo Richards will leverage partnerships with platforms and corporate organisations to help young entrepreneurs that participate in the program gain business knowledge and information that will position them for greater opportunities.

Meanwhile, the organisers have opined that startups have been said to have the power to transform cities where they operate by attracting migration of skills from other countries, as well as improving the economy with innovation.

Richards stressed that ‘The Incubator Reality’ will offer essential startup skills and practical knowledge they will not get in business school.

“They will be incubated for twelve weeks and graduate with honours, not searching for jobs. They will rather employ people to work with them, create business opportunities and drive business growth,

‘The Incubator Reality’ will showcase the strength of partnerships, competition of innovation and its viability, cutting time to market and the influence of businesses mentorship”, he said.

He said participants will showcase their brands and attract attention to their skills and innate talents that will make them achieve business success before they graduate from the Incubator.

Richards point-out that interested participants that want to take part in the Incubator Reality must be between the ages of 25 and 40 years and be able to think beyond borders.

“They must have the right attitude for success, entrepreneurial drive with originality, excellent communication skills that include both oral and written, and be a good team player.

Other skills that he enumerated are sales and marketing skills, as well as good leadership and influencing skills. If they fit the description, they should watch out as the Incubator’s host will be coming to their city very soon”

The Incubator will host 25 brilliant minds drawn from across the length and breadth of the country and the diaspora.

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“The contestants will go through a rigorous audition to prove their competence and eligibility for selection by the judges. They will work closely together to help cut time to market, monitor progress to ascertain trends, and exchange ideas to optimize delivery that churns out quality results.



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