How Balogun Oluwabunmi is Leveraging On AI To Redefine Marketing Space In Africa


Amid the Covid-19 pandemic that made most businesses experienced a financial setback, Nigeria’s tech start-ups had become increasingly instrumental as businesses have started shifted their processes online, they have shown great strength in turning things around.

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Among these tech start-ups ensuring businesses, easy transition to the new normal is Balogun Oluwabunmi, co-founder of S

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kyfire Digital, a marketing agency that offers comprehensive solutions across the entire digital ecosystem.

Balogun who co-founded the business with Adeshina Adewumi is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to power the county’s marketing landscape.

He and his co-founder were inspired to establish Skyfire Digital in August 2020 to redefine the digital marketing landscape in Nigeria at a time when the pandemic was pushing millions of Nigerian businesses to the brink.

Speaking on how they started Skyfire Digital, Balogun revealed that Covid-19 pandemic which disrupted a lot of physical activities made them saw more businesses paying attention to their digital presence which was creating an opportunity for them.

“Looking at the power of the digital space, we realized one of the major needs in this space was the need to start becoming more specific with digital strategies and we also noticed how much data has become a large and major part of our lives and how a lot of the digital brands especially in this part of the world were failing to have targeted digital plans for their clients. To change this, we were inspired to establish Skyfire Digital,” he says.

Similarly, he says the need for Skyfire parent company to be strategic with a digital presence also inspired the establishment of the business.

The physicists-turned-entrepreneur notes that the business which started small in August 2020 has secured about $15,000 funding from venture capital financing organisations such as Aptive Capital.

On the start-up progress, the business has grown steadily as its client base has increased consistently. Skyfire Digital currently has four full-time employees aside from its board. To ensure that the business survived the difficult moment of the pandemic, the young entrepreneur and his co-founder resorted to developing an effective digital strategy that has to help them scale.

“One of the most important things for us has been to fix communication with our clients. Effective communication continues to foster growth for us as a business. We have also evaluated our marketing strategies. The world is online, a global village and we know the best form of strategies will be us playing with this online space effectively,” he explains.

Speaking on the challenges confronting the business, he says business owners explaining to businesses the importance of proper project management is quite frustrating, noting that most of them just want to do everything in the space without effective planning.

“Trying to explain to the importance of proper project management is a major challenge for us as a business. Lots of businesses just want to do everything in the digital space without proper planning,” he further said.

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However, Balogun calls on government to create more centres for entrepreneurial training and to also provide adequate access to loans, grants, and support for small businesses in the country.

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In evaluating the country’s digital market space, the young entrepreneur says it is fast evolving also encourage other entrepreneurs saying as entrepreneurs, the sense of drive and ownership has to be visible. That alone is a force that moves you. He says.

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