Centric Gateway Inks Wix To Boost Ecommerce


Centric Gateway, manufacturer of SeerBit has announced its plans to partner with Wix, a leading global SaaS platform to create, manage and grow an online presence and scale eCommerce businesses in Africa.

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A statement released by Centric Gateway said the collaboration makes SeerBit a payment gateway for Wix on the African continent, processing payments in local currencies, and giving unfettered access to African businesses to build their unique online presence.

The statement also noted that the integration would further empower the continent as Sub-Saharan Africa is on track to become one of the fastest-growing payment markets in the world.

The online payment in East and West Africa has an average annual increase of 17% with a population of 919 million, adding that with the integration to the Wix platform, Centric Gateway aims to capture 60% of the online market in both regions.

Speaking on the collaboration with Wix, the Chief Executive Officer, Centric Gateway, Omoniyi Kolade, noted that partnership is in alignment providing innovative technology solutions tailored to bridging payment gaps, saying cooperation will boost the payment services industry and increase customer satisfaction in Africa.

” This collaboration also allows SeerBit to be a frontline player in driving the growth of the eCommerce and online space in Africa. We are happy to do this in collaboration with Wix.” He said.

Omoniyi remarked how both brands are united to make history in Africa and urged new merchants to join the Wix platform in order to grow their businesses online in light of the ever-fast digitization the world is experiencing and eliminating the bottlenecks of having to pay in foreign currencies.

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The statement added that the joint effort from SeerBit and Wix represents the continuous efforts in ensuring Africans get the best experience transacting online, one that is custom-made as if the brand originated in each country.

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