Number of Failed Projects We See Around Motivated Us To Birth PM Group Nigeria – Co-founder, Oluwagbenga


Co-founder, PM Group Nigeria, Oluwagbenga Olatoye has revealed that the motive behind the fast-rising product and project management community, PM Group Nigeria were the numbers of failed projects they see around them.

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Speaking on how PM Group came into existence in 2019, the technology product and project manager said he and his partner changed the narrative from inside-out, by raising professionals who can lead organisations into proper analysis and management of various metrics that would lead to successful project delivery.

Olatoye Oluwagbenga (@GbengaToye) | Twitter

According to him, PM Group is a community with one objective—which is to raise true professionals by employing three strategies.

“We relive our everyday life in a way of mentorship and learning from each other, we help those who’re looking to pivot into product and project management do that without hassle, and we open our members to opportunities within the space,

The group is not satisfied with the status quo and is determined to help members of the group to become better and find their feet in the industry. We bring veteran project managers and newbies together to learn new and better ways of managing projects to deliver products, especially now that we’re in virtual era.’’ Olatoye added.

Stressing the advantages project manager expertise offer businesses and organization, Olatoye said the huge success recorded in the sector have proven their well-regarded value to the growth of businesses—be it in startup or at enterprise level.

“Project managers are at the core of the moving parts when it comes to project delivery—from how to identify and manage stakeholders, to how they manage communication, risks and other metrics that contribute to the completion of the project, he noted.

‘’A product manager is the CEO of the product. He is able to envision the overall objective of the product and build a roadmap around it to ensure that a product the end-user wants is built.’’ He added.

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Project Management and Its Core Objectives

‘’We started about two years ago, specifically in 2019 and we’ve grown to over 60 active members. Many of our members have gotten better jobs via referrers from the group, many got promoted because they can deliver results faster and better after joining us. Olatoye said.

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