Facebook To Introduce Profile Picture Frame To Encourage More People Take Vaccine

Facebook Founder, Mark Zukerberg

In an effort to get everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated, Facebook founder and tech guru, Mark Zuckerberg has said the most populous social media site will be introducing a new Covid-19 vaccine profile picture frame for its users who are vaccinated.

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Zuckerberg said people who are more likely to be vaccinated when they see their friends and family vaccinated will be encouraged to take the vaccine.

Mark, through his Facebook page stated further that the launching of the new Covid vaccine would be in partnership with the CDC and US Department of Health Service to show support and tell people that they have been vaccinated.

He also assured people that he will update his profile picture with the vaccine frame and hope everyone else does the same.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user, Theresa Patrick reacted to mark post, saying she won’t be pressured into taking the vaccine.

‘’I will get it only after I have more info about it and speak with my Doctor’’ she wrote.

However, it was a commendable idea from Alvin Roman who sees mass vaccination as a must to do.

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Germany restricts use of AstraZeneca vaccine to over 60s in most cases | News | DW | 30.03.2021

“People are apprehensible so we must be vaccinated as many people as we can regardless of the composition and I know there must be a priority given to the most vulnerable but at this point is fair to say as many people as possible. Avoid wasteful use of vaccines’’ Roman said.

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