I Often Introduce Myself To People I can Offer Real Estate Opportunities To During Business Meetings

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, dukiya.com.ng, Lukman Shobowale

With no adequate nor sufficient parental backbone while growing up, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, dukiya.com.ng, Lukman Shobowale said he has beaten the laws of nature that has placed some other people in my situation below global standard but have pushed me and directed every facet of life to this current stage of offering solutions to the current housing problem in Nigeria.

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Shobowale describes himself as a seasoned realtor with a reputation for tenaciously protecting his clients’ interests and serving them with savvy client-focused negotiations and state-of-the-art opportunities.

Lukman Shobowale on Twitter: "I've just confirmed that UNILORIN's WiFi is faster than OAU's academic calendar. #UNILORINvsOAU… https://t.co/DiTvNnDS0J"

“I am a goal-oriented person that does not take “NO” for an answer. I am also an ardent learner that does not just learn through every phase of life but acted on every action that each phase has taught me:”, he said.

Narrating how he ventured into the real estate circle, Shobowale revealed that he has not had the best experiences like most of his peers, especially while growing up but within his little capacity, he believes he has learned beyond bounds and triumphed over situations that have crippled others in a similar situation.

“I recall my experience during my service year when I was called for an interview by one of my mentors and former boss, Oladipo Agida. Frankly speaking, I had no interest per se as of the time in Real Estate but I had only wanted to try out the new venture coupled with the fact that I saw the offer as one that will allow me to engage one of my greatest skills – speaking and networking.

Eventually, the need to network and communicate with people was a motivating factor and the various other opportunities the business offers has to a great extent sustained this interest”

He further pointed that all parts of real estate are valuable, but the networking part ranks top for him. “I have always been a networker and love roles that will allow me to connect with more people”.

He stressed that real estate is an icing to the networking cake for him, “I don’t just network; I connect and get introduced to valuable people that I will be offering a home! The feeling is awesome. And that’s why Dukiya’s mission is to spare no resources in delivering solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. This way, we recruit them through excellent service to tell others and expand our network.

On his view on technology and how it’s affecting the real estate industry, Shobowale said that technology and automation are the latest trends not just in real estate but across other sectors and business areas such as banking, manufacturing, aviation, etc.

“Take renting for instance, the conventional way of renting an apartment is such that you go looking for a house in your desired area oftentimes through agents and the agents takes commissions in percentage (could be 10 or 15%) depending on the area,

When you finally agree to take the house, you may be asked to pay in arrears, and in some cases up to 24 months, you pay the agreement fee, damages, and so on. A lot of these fees will be drastically reduced with the introduction of technology into the process. With automation, the agency will be removed and house deals can be seamless. The meaning of rent really is monthly fees for renting an apartment so the arrears payment thing can be scrapped as well with automaton because there could be a system of effecting payment to avoid default with the use of technology”, he said.

Shobowale also pointed that building a robust client base for the growth of any organisation is based on understanding and what he sees every as a bridge, adding that people will not buy any product until they first buy into the owner of the product.

“It takes trust or a promise of value that is addictive enough to keep a client. For me, it has always been people before profit and this is my unique advantage.

I have come to realize that people buy based on sentiments most times and justify it with logic. Therefore, for any business to build a credible client base, they must understand that the primary objective of every business is to keep and retain customers, when you do this very well, profit will naturally flow along. So, relationship building is the thing for creating a worthy and loyal client base especially if you must do well in this space”, Shobowale explained.

He urged all realtors to know that everyone is not their customer and it’ll be depressing to expect everyone they meet to buy from them.

“I believe so much in the SW Rule which states “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Someone is Waiting! but you must never take NO for an answer and that is how to win. I remember following up a client for 2 years and recently invested so much in real estate though our company because we didn’t give up”, he urged.

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He pointed that every realtor must know that failure is an event, not a destination but the determination of who they are as a real estate agent or as a person is what will define you as a great sales realtor.

“If you must do well in the current Nigerian real estate space, you must approach objection from prospects with so much enthusiasm because when you get a NO from a prospect, it means you are one NO away from getting your YES”





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