Nigeria’s Detail Africa Sets To Become a World-Class Bag Manufacturing Company – CEO Seromume Ikogho

MD/CEO, Detail Africa, Seromume Ikogho

One of the fastest-growing leather bag manufacturing brands in Nigeria, Detail Africa has revealed its strategic plans to reshape the production and outreach of leather bags with quality and export all around African countries with the creation of a world-class production facility.

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This was made known on Tuesday by its Chief Executive Officer, Seromume Ikogho during an entrepreneurship-based radio show in Lagos where he shared his entrepreneurship journey.

Command Your Wit - Seromume Ikogho - Detail Luxury Africa

According to the Detail Africa boss, the manufacturing company is in talks with foreign experts to help them build a curriculum that will able to train the average individual to be a professional artisan.

He added, ‘’We can export to all around Africa easily, so many brands in Africa especially take production to Asia because they didn’t get the quality type of bag they want in Africa, if we can have a world-class production facility in-country, this continent, we can actually retain the value not taking it outside.’’Meet The Founder Of Detail Africa (Exclusive Interview) – Bellafricana –  Community for Creative Entrepreneurs

Sharing his entrepreneurship journey during the show, Ikogho narrates how he had once worked at a consulting firm where he got himself leather made bag and became something acceptable by his colleagues and were interested in securing something similar and this made Ikogho sees opportunity in marketing those bags for them and earn profit.

‘’My boss also loves the bag and gave me money to help him get one and as a business-minded person, I was convinced that I could actually market this bag. I went around Balogun market to check the men’s bags store but to be surprised and see only two stores selling proper leather men’s bags. I told myself that there is actually scarcity and I did some extra research to be producing the bag’’ He said.

He added that he started with bag marketing in 2017 before employing the bag-making artisans service to get the first batch leather bag production done in 2018 and start producing locally made leather bag saying he wanted to create value here and we went to get artisans by testing them with designs, the first batch wasn’t so amazing but over time, we have been able to work with what we have, learn more about designs, and improving on what we do.

Best of Nigeria: Detail Africa, Makers of Luxury Bags - Arbiterz

When asked about how he resulted to leather making bag from the accounting profession, Ikogho said he has been a creative person and not surprise how things turn for him, saying right from his university days he wasn’t enjoying studying accounting but love sciences and drawing.

‘’Working with the head of my artisan team, I have a very imaginative man and I can draw but not that perfect. I used Google to make more research and findings, watch YouTube videos on how to draw and make patterns and bags. We tell our artisans how it should be done because we make our research.’’

Seromume Ikogho, ACA - Principal Consultant - BP Business Advisory Limited  | LinkedIn

Commenting on the challenges facing the business, Ikogho said the first challenge comes from artisans as they don’t really care about building a global brand only to sustain their living and the hassle is making them understand that the company is trying to build a global brand as the quality product is the key and paying attention to every detail.

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He also stressed that logistics and procurement are another challenge, he pointed that they are trying hard to get quality materials too because materials are not made to global quality standards and now trying to look for alternatives to further improve the product quality.

He also made mentioned of Funding too is a challenge with some customers aggressive attitude during their dealings with them.

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