Entrepreneurs Must Move Beyond Passion To Understanding Business Development, Sustainability

Founder/CEO, Rellies Works, Kemi Ogunkoya

Leadership development strategist and management consultant, Kemi Ogunkoya has advised business owners at different levels to move from the level of just having a passion to the point of understanding the fundamentals of business development and sustainability that guide their businesses.

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She stressed that they must learn and invest in the development of crucial aspects of business development; sales, structure, planning, financials, marketing, leadership, technology, and so on, adding that they must also have mentors who can help them navigate the journey of entrepreneurship.

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As a management consultant, Ogunkoya said she has seen organisations on the verge of total collapse because of poor and deficient business knowledge.

“Even when you look at the tapestry of organisations, you see how terrible deficient leadership could hinder the progress and prosperity of businesses. I knew truly that it all starts and falls on leadership,

If we can fix and integrate effective leadership practices across the major spheres of life — home, workplace, and nations — we will certainly have happier homes, more sustainable businesses, and prosperous nations; raising visionary leaders across these lines that will help preserve the future of humanity. This is what endears me to the subject of leadership 

Ogunkoya said she’s driven by impact, the process of taking people from what they never thought possible towards achieving the greatest and grandest vision for themselves gets me her of bed every day.

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“I always say that you cannot become better at what you do unless you become better at who you are. So, getting people to that point, where they understand the place of self, appreciate who they are, realise what their purpose is, getting them to that point of 360 degrees transformation in the personal lives, career or business, gives me great fulfillment.”

She identified fluid government policies, poor business knowledge as major core constraint to business growth as major constraints to business growth.

Other constraints Ogunkoya highlighted are finance, poor infrastructure, unstable economy, poor business knowledge, and unpredictable political terrains.

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“The challenge for each business is quite unique and peculiar to the nature and circumstances of operations”, she explained.

Ogunkoya is the founder and CEO, Rellies Works, – an innovation, creativity and leadership hub poised to raise global business leaders in Africa.




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