From Prison to SMS Marketing: The Enterprise Story of Todd Matherne

MD/CEO, Extreme SMS, Todd Matherne

Every story to its own narrative, either good or bad. Such to every event of life that happens to man, it must have the five 5Ws and H, the When, Why, Who, What, Where, and How, as it’s required in the field of journalism.

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In what one will think is the end of the road for anyone that is nabbed with hard drugs or anything that inimical to society, Todd Matherne was arrested for selling steroids in 2007 and was sentenced to a seven-year sentence despite being the first time being arrested for such nefarious riot.

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Today, Todd has served his jailed term, founded Extreme SMS, a text message marketing platform that connects companies directly with customers and generates six figures in monthly revenue, and now a successful entrepreneur.

Todd’s digital marketing mission helps companies generate leads. His path to entrepreneurial success has certainly been unconventional.

His journey, in fact, is a powerful reminder that we can create our own success even in the most challenging of circumstances. As Todd himself likes to say, “Our success stems from the success of those we help along the way.”

His travail before he was sent to jail was what he described as what he did not like. “When I went to jail, it felt like a death sentence,”

I had to change my attitude. I started focusing on what I could give people and how I could help them. I’ve carried this attitude forward in everything I do. It’s what led me to found my own company and empowered me to be successful: I succeed only when I help others to succeed first,

My commitment to better help fellow inmates earned my sentence to be reduced”, Todd explained.

On how he started Extreme SMS, Todd said he worked offshore on a Louisiana oil rig while teaching himself digital marketing when he was released from prison.

“I knew that if I made earning money my sole focus again, I would be back in a dead-end situation,” Todd said. “Instead, I focused on how my skills could benefit others. The more I learned about digital marketing, the more I realized just how ineffective most digital communication channels truly are. I challenged myself to find a marketing channel that would work. That’s what led me to text messaging.”

Describing why he started Extreme SMS and the opportunities in it, Todd explained that text messages have an average open rate of 98 percent compared with email marketing campaigns, which average closer to a 20 percent open rate, according to MailChimp, adding that text messages also generate a response in an average 90 seconds compare to 90 minutes it takes to get an email response.

Today, Todd manages SMS marketing campaigns on behalf of companies, using a well-known SMS (short message service) marketing platform.

He also ran a small mentoring program, helping other entrepreneurs get started with online marketing. As his business grew, he kept his focus on empowering other small business owners and organizations rather than chasing money himself.

Introducing SMS Connect – Customer Support Via Text Messaging

Todd’s journey to entrepreneurial success may be unconventional, but the result — a company that generates six-figure income each month — is truly life-changing. While Matherne is proud of what he’s accomplished, he’s quick to remind his business clients that SMS, like any communication channel, can only do so much.

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“Being able to get your message in front of people is half the battle, and that’s the part I help with,” he said. “But at the end of the day, you still need to be saying something of value. Bringing value to every interaction is the key to professional and personal success.”








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