Maajoba Sets to Rebrand e-commerce Space in Nigeria


In a bid to expand and reshape the E-commerce industry beyond nationwide operations, one of the fastest-growing E-commerce firms in Nigeria, Maajoba has revealed its plans on becoming Africa’s business marketplace where people can sell and shop their customized products easily.

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Speaking with EnterpriseCEO, the brand’s Business Development Manager, Sherifdeen Molik maintained that Maajoba is essentially created to connect all the sellers to potential buyers around the world with conveniences.

‘’One of the unique attributes of Maajoba operations is the wide-reaching range which is not restricted to Nigeria alone but covers worldwide E-commerce operations. Anywhere you are in the world, you can easily put your goods on our platform and even target a foreign buyer for your product. He added.

On taking over the marketplace, Ajibola noted that the company focus is not to compete with anybody, maybe for now, as they plan to have their E-commerce market share targeted at 50% share in the industry and we have been working intensively on media publicity in ensuring that the brand becomes popular and generally accepted amongst the public.

When asked about the marketing strategy to be employed to sell the brand, he said the company is currently working on making provision for their vendors who purchase their products by giving them freebies for every referral purchase they make on the Maajoba platform with a $2 voucher for our products.

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This will promote the brand visibility and increase sales amongst people who have experienced the difference and therefore sell the Maajoba idea to people.

However, potential sellers who might be interested in displaying his or her product sale is required to visit the Maajoba website to fill a survey to know more about the platform and what they stand to gain and as they are registering, the registration verification link would be sent for them to complete the process before they could have access to their products upload with prices on Maajoba for sales.

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‘’Our mission is to make Majooba a household name in the next 5 years by becoming the preferred marketplace in Nigeria and beyond through our excellent service delivery and top-notch customers, relations are prioritized for customer satisfaction”, he said

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