‘How I Became Advertising CEO after Law School’ – Seyi Tinubu

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Loatsad Promo Media, Seyi Tinubu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Loatsad Promo Media, Seyi Tinubu has revealed that his flair for advertisement made him ventured into advertising practices after graduating from law school.

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According to Seyi, he never wanted to be working under his father when he finished from Law School, and neither he had any advertising experience, but through his business partner who they source different companies altogether before they set up Loatsad.

‘’I never practiced advertising and I didn’t want to be working under my father, I want to get the respect of my parents. My business partner and I went through different companies before we started Loatsad. He said.

When asked about the possibility of his father’s influence in getting advert contracts for his outdoor advertising agency, he said Loatsad is managed today to get its goodwill without external forces or support.

‘’We were all told from day one that once you are done with school, that’s all we can give you’. if I was to work in a bank today, they would still say he’s only up there because he’s Tinubu.

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People can’t expect me to be carrying my father’s suitcase up and down? I have come to become my own man and it’s all due to how my father and mother raised us.

‘’I have a bunch of brilliant-minded people working with us. When you talk about clients, it’s not juicy as you think. I never entered any room to demand a contract nor used my father’s name to influence any site.’’

Commenting on the advertising practices in the country, he maintained that advertising in Nigeria became so static when people just put a pole and expected a client to come and pay.

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Loatsad Promomedia | LinkedIn

He however charged the key players in the industry on creativity, saying the younger generation in the sector must allow thinking out of the box. Creativity and innovation are vital in advertising practices. He noted.

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