Vesti App Records 1000 downloads One Week After Its Launch

Co-founder, Vesti, Abimbola and Olusola Amusan

One week after its initial launch, Vesti application, a financial solution platform that provides peer-to-peer payments and migration-related fees settlement for Africans and gives a support structure for immigrants in accessing investment opportunities has been downloaded more than a thousand times on both Apple Store and Google’s Play Store.

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According to the Co-founder of the platform, Olusola Amusan said that the application gives people the opportunity to do short-term investments as they plan their relocation and long-term investments on local and international stock exchanges.

“With Vesti, it is easy for people to monitor their investments, whether they are a first-time investor or an expert. Our interface has no jargon. What you see is what you own”, he explained.

WeVesti – Send and receive money in Nigeria

Olusola founded Vesti with his brother, Abimbola Amusan, – a US-trained lawyer working as an immigration lawyer, while Olusola is an AI evangelist and more recently a skilled migration evangelist.

The duo said they started Vesti due to payment challenges people encounter when they want to make international fees associated with migration. They saw a gap in the market and developed the Vesti app to help mitigate it.

They both first encountered the challenge when they wanted to participate in the Peace Tech Accelerator in Washington D.C, at the time they were building Coven Works, an AI-focused skilling and recruiting startup.

Explaining the security architecture of the platform, Abimbola said that Vesti uses state-of-the-art data encryption when handling financial information and two-factor authentication (2FA) protection.

“We’re backed by top financial market operators and have not only meet traditional banking security standards, we exceed them.

Protected by ‘NG &US SEC’ – Accounts are held by our banking partner, a firm duly registered by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Nigerian and US Securities are coming soon on this platform”, Abimbola confirmed.

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Olusola also reiterated how easy it is to use the platform, “From your bed or office desk, you can get a Vesti account without lifting a finger, decide which country to move to, and start a savings or relocation investment plan.

He further called for people’s support to inform their friends and family for the downloads to reach 5,000 downloads by the end of May.

“There is a referral code in your app (Click on your Photo>> and click invite a friend and I will be sharing N1,000,000 among the first 250 out of 1,000 of you who participate in this exercise. So be quick.

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You need to help us do the following (Make sure you have downloaded VESTI already set your own user’s name)”, Olusola urged.


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