‘Women Should Venture into Agriculture and Stop Saying It’s a Man’s Job’ – Halima Zawiya, 24 Years Old Farmer



Story By Cherish Loto

24 Years Old Nigerian female farmer, Halima Zawiya has urged Nigerian women to venture into agriculture and stop saying it’s a  man’s job.

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Halima said to Ghanian Youtuber, Wode Maya in Kano where she was interviewed.

In this part of the world, especially Nigeria where it is a tradition for a graduate to seek white-collar jobs after his university education, Halima Zawiya ‘s story is on a different note.

The situation of youths turning away from farming had made the Bayero University graduate discovered the huge benefits that are attached to agriculture.

Being a culinary expert and graduate of agricultural studies, Halima attributed her farming practice to what she called passion that she started at the age of ten.

“It has always been my passion to be an agricultural entrepreneur and what prompted me to study agriculture in school”

RamadanEdition | MCZ Exclusive Interview with Chef Stone, Chef Jamila Lawal and Chef Halima Zawiya. – My Cookery Zone

She added that she started with poultry farming and later switched to crops farming because she appreciated the green environment, growing something out of nothing with the whole process of weeding, transplanting, and most importantly harvesting.

“Farming has its challenges just like every other business”, she said. She said still plans to pick up poultry but said she will venture into it later in the future.

Halima who said she has never traveled abroad for any foreign study said that it is possible to achieve everything here in Nigeria without going abroad.

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She said she lives in Kano state Nigeria where she started her journey into farming after she realized her interest in farming in her fourth year in university and she hasn’t left.

Halima pointed that failure in business is inevitable, urging people to know that without failure, they will never know their mistakes and strengths in doing business.

She said she faced challenges when she first started but continued to strive and what has positioned her for business success in farming.

When asked about her advice for young people, she made it clear that they must never think that they are too young to start or own a business, saying that they should
ever be discouraged to do what they are passionate about.

Halima said she’s hoping to sell her farm products to other countries because of her based in Nigeria.

Millennials and Agriculture | Halima Zawiya | TEDxBUK - YouTube

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Halima said she wants to be an inspiration not only to women but also to young adults who have what it takes to make Nigeria greater.

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