‘DM’ for Price: What You Probably Need To Know

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DM “Direct Message” for the price is a popular cliché for traders on social media platforms in Nigeria. They ask their prospective customers to send a direct message to them to know the price of particular products or customers insist on this method as well to keep private their custom negotiations from the public.

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From the customers’ perspective, social media handles that do not post the prices of their products publicly and prefer DM for price have something to hide.

Many companies with pages on Instagram, Facebook, and also WhatsApp status routinely post pictures without prices or proper descriptions for a wide range of items, including clothing, shoes, bags, art, accessories, home decor, furniture, hair, skincare products, and even food, and some also ask that you ‘DM for prices’ if interested.

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With her experience as a player in the Nigerian e-commerce business, Saudat Salami explained that DM for the price is mainly for sellers that do not have websites and social media platforms.

Saudat, who is also the MD/CEO, www.EasyshopEasycook.com further stressed that with her company having Instagram and Twitter social media handles @EasyshopLtd, share some of their products on offer on those platforms, they sometimes post them with or without prices for advert purposes only.

Customers that wish to purchase them are given the link to their website address to see prices, order the items and also view some other items on offer on their website. What they discuss via DM are mainly complaints or special orders. Having a website with prices clearly listed eliminates any secrecy in pricing and this gives their customers assurance of transparency.

Abisola Oluyede runs a mini e-commerce platform known as Chrissieparksempire where she sells all brands of items that include shoes, clothes, and other things. She said the reason people put people asked to be DM is that the seller doesn’t have a fixed price.

Some sellers give prices based on how much money they think the prospective customer has. In her own case, she said putting prices and all the details help her ward off the “I’ll get back to you” kind of responses she gets from people.

Digital media expert and CEO, Trublu Media, Tayo Ojo explained that asking for DM depends on the kind of service the service provider is offering. “If your product or service has fixed pricing, simply put it up in your caption.

But the pricing is peculiar to the demand or determined by other factors, why not ask interested persons to drop a comment or send you a DM for more details. You don’t need to ask people to send DM for prices, he urged.

He stated, “it is a critical teachable moment for business owners and consumers, particularly in this digital age where e-commerce, effective online communication, and customer engagement are key pillars of the future of retail.

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Chika Ibobo runs Cheeysignation, a strictly hair platform on Instagram said that asking potential customers to DM you increase the number of comments on your post which intern helps to rank higher on the feed due to the Instagram algorithm.

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“When this potential client DM’s you, it’s a way to know they really serious clients. It is also a way of creating a direct lead which can then be followed up at a personalized level. She said that sending a direct message is a good thing to do if prices vary especially for services and custom-made products.

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