I’ve Wanted To Give Young Women Opportunities To Learn, Grow – Rachel Onamusi, CEO VN Sync

Chief Executive Officer, VN Sync, Rachel Onamusi

Chief Executive Officer, VN Sync, Rachel Onamusi has remained committed to women’s development with her program which has impacted positively over 40 women with profitable and life-changing skills.

Speaking on women empowerment, the digital media strategist said with her involvement in conferences and projects focused on strategies for women’s growth, the scheme has not been satisfying and that made her do something that women would truly benefit from, enhance their careers and become self-independent.

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“I always wanted to do something that women would truly benefit from more than the usual caressing of women’s ego which litters the social media space during this occasion.

Trying to determine how I wanted to celebrate this year’s IWD; I had to start with working out what this year’s theme meant to me.’’

Rachel Onamusi - Premium Times Opinion

“Challenge is a doing word. It is more than talking or hoping; it means action. My plan was simple but could be great if you, the village, would also like to pitch in. I want to give some young women the opportunity to learn new, viable skills so that they can change their lives for good forever.

Giving details on how she was able to achieve the women empowerment feat, Racheal explained it was through a carefully constructed project which secured the services of 10 volunteer experts and selected 47 worthy trainees from over a hundred applicants.

“I always wanted to give young women the opportunity to learn and grow. The selected candidates received training in different fields including photography, copywriting, content writing, creative storytelling, product design, social media marketing, NGO project management, graphic design for social media, and many more and the results have been as impressive as they have been impactful.

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Rachel further explained how the feedback from trainees has pushed her to do more.bOne trainee told me how her manager noticed the difference in her writing and pulled her onto more projects than before after she put her new knowledge into use.

Another trainee in copywriting class recently reported earning her first paycheque from an international writing gig and feedback such as these and others like it are keeping me motivated than ever to continue upskilling women whenever and whenever I can because this is a good example of the kind of impact we all can make if we match words with action.

Racheal strongly believes that human capacity development and the act of being self-sufficient lends a confidence to do better, shattering glass ceilings and thriving based on one’s wit, knowledge, and self-sufficiency and this validates her long-held beliefs about women as exceptional.

Speaking on how the program has positively impacted volunteers, Rachel said the project was instituted to serve the trainees and also volunteer experts saying a couple of them admitted that it was an opportunity for them to inch closer towards meeting personal mentoring goals they had set for themselves.

Meanwhile, Racheal disclosed her difficulties and what keeps her going, noting that there is a saying she lives by that deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.

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While it doesn’t sum up her life, the statement is a sufficient indication of what makes Racheal sick and being determined, focused, and my eye on the goal, no matter what.

Viva Naijas Rachel Onamusi & Omoni Oboli - QED.NG

Projecting into the nearest future what she intended to do more, ‘’I want to continue to facilitate the process of helping more women. Given the success of this last project, looking forward to working with organizations that wish to genuinely incorporate capacity development as part of their CSR programs which she has started speaking with a couple already.

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