‘I’ve Always Wanted To Be An Accomplished Accountant From Primary School’ – Anthonia Alebiosu


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“To be honest, I had never gone through such thing. It was just the grace of God because all the bosses I have worked with see me as their daughter, that was the favour I always receive”

Anthonia Alebiosu has always wanted to be an accountant, a decision she had made for herself at a tender age when she was in primary 4.

As life unveils on daily basis, Anthonia got to discover more about her dreams, the reality of life, and pleasure in fulfilling her goals and aspirations.

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Speaking on her child dream, “I’ve always wanted to be an accountant and made the decision when I was in primary 4. Immediately after secondary school, my dad introduced me to ICAN in Ibadan.

Though I didn’t do Accounting subjects in my O’Level briefly had it in SS1 and dropped it in my second year because of the workload of other courses. So I had to study extensively”, she explained.

Anthonia went to Federal Polytechnic, Ede in Osun State where she studied Marketing. She passed her ICAN ATS3 and was told to start her HND program in Accounting but wanted to complete the Marketing course with the Accounting. She started and even tried to do the two but she was told that she can’t have two matric numbers in the same school.

She later left for Ogun State University where she studied Business Administration and had a Master’s Degree from the University of Lagos.

Her dream is to work at the World Bank but their requirements entail having MSC in Finance and to speak a second language (French), so she enrolled in ‘Alliance Francaise’ but at some point, she had to forgo her French class, as it was clashing with other things.

UNILAG delayed my set for the Master’s program from 2010 to 2014. Because of my experience in UNILAG. I decided to go to Babcock University for my Ph.D. My Ph.D. will be in Accounting and not in Finance, the school doesn’t have Ph.D. in Finance”, she said.

In the course of her education and career development, Anthonia added that her classmates didn’t say anything negative about her choice because they knew she had always wanted to pursue her career and excel in whatever she does.

On the myth of women ending up in the kitchen, Anthonia stressed that such a mindset doesn’t exist in her family because her father is someone who believes anyone can attain any height no matter their gender and gave everyone an equal platform and urged all his children to be better.

He also made Okonjo-Iweala as a reference point and said to me one day, “You would become the Minister of Finance in Nigeria”

When asked about discrimination at the workplace being a woman, she revealed that there was a bit of envy but her personality doesn’t embrace ego or pride because she feels it was the grace of God that took her that far.

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“I never let my achievements got into my head but tried to be humble and give honour to whom respect is due and never looked down on anybody.

Immediately she finished schooling, she said she got an invite to Access Bank for a job interview, passed the test, but needed to serve.

“During my service year, I got a better offer to serve at Intercontinental Bank rather than Access Bank, so I accepted the offer. Unfortunately, Intercontinental Bank changed its policy of retaining Corp members.

Anthonia later moved to Lagos to work with an accounting firm for 3 years and at every point in time she was on job tests, she said it was the grace of God that helped her scale through the tests hurdles.

If she has been asked to do something to a get favour in return either in school or the workplace, she said such a thing has never happened to her.

“To be honest, I had never gone through such thing. It was just the grace of God because all the bosses I have worked with see me as their daughter, that was the favour I always receive. So when people say their bosses were victimizing them, I always wondered, because I never experience such”, she said.

Anthonia at the World Congress of Accountants, Australia in 2018

On her traveling experience and where she sees herself in 10 years’ time
She said, ‘’I have traveled to an average of 14 countries. Conferences took me to some of these countries and received awards.

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I see myself at the top echelon of any organization I find myself in, be it a private or public organization, World Bank, or any political assignment or appointment. I see myself at the directorate level.

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