Jireh Technologies Introduces Smart Innovation To Curb Crime Rates in Business

Chief Executive Officer, Jireh Technology, Ehi Silence

Nurudeen Salako

“The younger generation we have today has more appetite for technology and I hope that something would be done in a short while when effective policies and necessary supports are geared towards technology advancements”

 CEO, – Jireh Technology, Ehi Silence

Economy sector is an integral part of any progressive nation for its sustainability and growth. It has also been highly regarded as the lifeline of a country and must be jealously guarded to avert an economic crisis.

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Apparently, Nigeria is going through an unprecedented situation in terms of security challenges and this poses a major threat to commercial activities especially business owners who are just recuperating from the pandemic effects on the country’s economy.

Proffering panacea to the increasing rate of insecurity in our homes, offices, and communities, Jireh Technologies now offers a wide range of ICT and Security solutions/services portfolios to private and corporate organisations within Nigeria.

Chief Executive Officer, Jireh Technology, Ehi Silence

Speaking at a virtual media parley, the Chief Executive Officer, Jireh Technologies, Ehi Silence emphasized the urgent need of curbing the rise in insecurity challenges which ultimately leads to an unstable business environment and dwindling income.

Introducing the new brand of IP (Internet Enabled) CCTV Cameras, Ehi highlighted the features of the IP cameras which include face detection, Intrusion detection, cross-line detection, and auto-tracking.

According to him, it is apparent that CCTV CAMERAS is an essential aspect for any security system surveillance solutions for all and sundry.

“The IP security systems can help remotely monitor your environment, make it safer, and also provide facilities that will assist you to investigate incidents of theft and burglary.

These solutions he said can be accessed or monitored remotely from anywhere people are global.

“These cameras are smart, easy to use, and compatible with most browsers. The picture quality of these IP cameras is ultra-high-definition and super clear even in the dark. He added.

He however attributed some of the security challenges facing the country to the low advancement of technology growth, adding that when people are not really doing much when it comes to technology, security challenges will become a national issue.

He, therefore, called on the government and the private sector to implement policies that would give a better understanding and provoke people to action in technology development.

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“I strongly believe that the younger generation that we have today have more appetite for technology and I hope that something would be done in the short while when effective policies and necessary support are geared towards technology advancement.

He further enjoined the media to continue to sensitize the public about the need for Nigerians to invest in Security Surveillance Systems to protect their assets and loved ones.

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