Prisca Attah: Africa’s Real Estate Amazon

Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Crest, Prisca Attah

Story by Nurudeen Salako

Starting the real estate company, she said her thoughts had always been that she would need billions of Naira before she could start.


Pursuing one’s dream could be adventurous, though without its own challenges and opportunities. Former banker and now Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Crest, Prisca Attah has prepared herself for future opportunities, setting the pace in a male-dominated industry. She shared her career journey with EnterpriseCEO of how she finally achieved what she had been passionate about, – real estate.

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Having worked in different industries that include banking, consulting, technology, and others, Prisca now leads a real estate development company that focuses on investment, advisory, sales, and marketing with a core vision to delivering all-around excellence.

According to her, she said the real estate company is dedicated and committed to offering the best for clients’ tailormade experience in their real estate ownership and investment journey.

Prisca, the University of Lagos‘ Philosophy graduate said she worked at First Bank before going to work at KPMG and later return First Bank to work.

“I was still on probation at KPMG when First Bank called me to resume full-time work. I worked at the First Bank until 2012 and later resigned to take care of my little kids. I just had twins at that time. I later got another job at Sawtel Technology as the Team Lead for the Sales Department in Ikoyi. That was the last place I worked as a paid employee”

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Starting the real estate company, she said her thoughts had always been that she would need billions of Naira before she could start.

“I have read different books on real estate that made me prepared for the journey. Even before Donald Trump became president, I had read about him and his real estate journey. I felt it was quite luxurious and made up my mind to do something like what the man is doing in the real estate”

“The opportunity was thrown at me to the type of real estate to do, I decided to jump at it and six years down the line I am here”, Prisca said.

Speaking on how she made her first break in the real estate, she said she first thought about who will buy property from her, but later told herself that someone doesn’t necessarily need to see the entire stairs before taking the first step because if everything is played out and someone wants to see everything, such individual will not actually take the leap.

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Recalling how she made her first sale, she said, “My first client saw one of our posts on my friend page. He called and asked if the product was genuine, after telling him that the product is genuine, he paid. It was like a dream for me.

He didn’t know if I was a fraudulent person. For a long time, I didn’t see him. It now got to a point that I had to be chasing him to give him his document. He’s one of the persons I will never forget, even in the future.”

Making space for herself in the real estate sector as a woman in an industry dominated by men, she said she believes women are now showing they can do greater things and redefining the industry, though it is always tough to first gain market acceptance as a person but with consistency, they will definitely scale.

In her words, she said people always need the service of real estate actors with different skills so one needs to be consistent in his dealings with clients and not confuse them.

“They should show them the reason why they should invest even if they are going to buy from someone else”, she urged.

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Advising government on policies regulating the industry, she pointed that there is need for government to relax some of its policies guiding the industry as they cannot singlehandedly provide housing for Nigerians, adding that if the government can relax some of the policies, there will be more and rapid development in the industry.

“Government should relax some of its policies guiding the industry because government alone cannot provide housing. We need more people in the real estate market because it doesn’t seem as if we are able to meet the housing deficit in Nigeria”

The government has a lot to do in the industry. They can’t cover the industry if partnerships with other industry stakeholders are not there.

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“This is not only about the money; it is about meeting that part that needs to be bridged by the industry stakeholders. The truth is that there are many parts to the industry.’’, she pointed.

Speaking on her projection for Platinum Crest in five years, she noted that the goal is to see Platinum Crest grow not just in Nigeria but outside Africa, becoming a global dominating real estate space in Nigeria and outside Africa.

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