How Interior Design Industry Has Continued To Empower Nigerian Youths 

Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, Vice President, Tola Akerele.

The interior design industry has contributed to youth employment by creating high-impact, dynamic, and creative employment experiences, the interior design industry has played a big role in preparing young people for success in the 21st-century workforce, said the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria, Vice President, Tola Akerele.

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Addressing the press, Tola Akerele noted that creating legislative support to back the standardisation and registration of interior design businesses will bridge the knowledge and experience gap in the industry.

Akerele said before IDAN was largely noting that the founding members established IDAN to address the major problems that exist in the interior design industry in Nigeria.

She said, “Some of which are the absence of a voluntary association to stimulate and promote professionalism in the practice, the absence of a legal regime, statute or regulation governing the interior design industry and the absence of institutions in the country offering comprehensive professional training in interior design.’’

IDAN urged the government to intensify efforts to develop policies that would foster an environment that encouraged the production of made-in Nigerian goods.

Akerele also announced the association’s conference scheduled to hold this week, saying, “Over the years, there has been widespread growth of services and consumption, making interior designing a necessity rather than a luxury.

“Despite this growth, there are a few problems that still afflict the interior decoration industry, and it’s high time that all stakeholders come together to resolve them.

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“GUIDE (Gida Uno Ile Design Exhibition) is an annual event organized by the Interior Designers Association of Nigeria and our aim is to highlight the gradual development/awareness of the design industry as it relates to interior design, product design, and embracing form and function inbuilt environments where health, safety, and welfare of the public are of foremost importance.”

According to her, businesses in the creative industries like interior design, media and fintech are discovering the dividends of offering work and employment opportunities to young people





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