How To Maintain Positive Digital Image for Your Business

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 “It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it.”

                                                                                                 Warren Buffet

From social networks to the brands app, a good experience determines the success of the corporate image of a brand; more than 50% of a brand’s reputation today depends on online interaction.

In the business world (and especially in digital marketing) this has become more relevant than ever, since each message or action of companies today reaches millions of users and potential customers in a matter of seconds thanks to social networks.

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Hence the importance that the correct functioning of the sales channels, communication and digital platforms of companies, today is a central part of brand strategies, because when exceptional attention is provided, word of mouth recommendations become likes, good comments and higher conversion rates.

Having a presence in the different and new channels that exist today such as TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, is essential to create an identity that inspires trust and reflects closeness with different audiences.

Photo by fauxels

Social media has bridged the gap between consumers and brands like no other tool. This will facilitate communication, help boost your online reputation, and allow you to quickly communicate with your clients in difficult scenarios.

Majority of online consumers walk away from a brand if they encounter a majority of negative comments. To avoid this, a good practice is to make customers show how satisfied they are with the product or service, so a campaign in which the consumer is encouraged to give their opinion or experience is a good alternative to improve reputation in a way. organic.

Paying attention to user comments and reviews is essential to take care of the reputation of a business in the online world and, for this, a metric strategy is necessary to distinguish negative from positive feedback. When running your social media or email marketing campaigns through your CRM, it is possible to instantly monitor the perception that users have regarding a brand or service.

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Always communicate clearly, crises can occur in any company; However, when a brand does not express itself clearly in these situations, it can confuse potential customers, and add to a bad experience. Quick and concise communication is essential, as it is well known today that word of mouth marketing (advocacy) is the most effective way to establish trust and familiarity between consumers and communities.


Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels

Undoubtedly, the reputation of a brand today is the most valuable asset that can be sought, since it is of little use to design good products, services or experiences if in the end it is not reflected in the satisfaction of consumers, both inside and outside the digital world.

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