Discovering Your Way in Unconventional Path As Entrepreneur  

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The path to successful entrepreneurship is more often than not a long and winding road. The trouble with this is that, for many early-stage entrepreneurs, it can feel as though you don’t know which steps to take first or in which direction. Without an authoritative guide or clear-cut instructions, any endeavor — business, personal, relational — feels uncertain at best.

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But here’s one encouraging thing about becoming an entrepreneur. Many people have reached success by taking an unconventional route. If you’re in the early stages of entrepreneurship, you might be encountering push-back or adversity in your journey toward success. This is normal. Don’t let it stop you.

You have to realize your worst fears and build your life on what we called a “solid foundation” of hitting rock bottom. Fear often provides the best fuel for creativity, turn that fear into fuel. Fear as fuel for building resilience, determination, and independence. Once you recognize that your fears don’t hold any power, you are freed up to push forward into greater creativity and innovation.

Education is not one-size-fits-all. Some highly successful entrepreneurs opted to drop out of college and forego finishing a degree. Instead, they used their personal experiences, intellect, and creativity to build wildly successful businesses.

For some, formal education is a wonderful tool and leads to success. However, if you’re not sure if education is the right decision for you, don’t get lost worrying about giving up a degree. Take time to discover your interests and your passions.

Use those as your jumping-off point. Modern technology has made it possible to learn a trade without sitting in a classroom or devoting thousands of dollars to a college degree. Take advantage of the opportunities you find interesting and build connections along the way.

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Self-discovery is an important and necessary part of every entrepreneur’s development. All too often, we dive into a field or move forward with an idea that isn’t a perfect fit for our skill sets or passions. Thinking critically about what you like to do and the specific ways you excel can help steer your career

Most of us are familiar with the iconic, rounded corners of Apple products. But did you know that this design tweak was one of Steve Jobs’ many specific, clever, and innovative preferences? He pushed for the rounded corners and nowadays that design has become synonymous with the Apple brand.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more iconic tech design. And Jobs was yet another college dropout! Of course, Jobs was known for being pushy or to put it mildly.

Creativity is at the core of any successful business and it’s also at the core of overcoming challenges. If you encounter difficulties in your life, whether in your career or in your personal life, look at the problems creatively.

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Once you’ve decided to take the unconventional path, keep in mind that opposition is inevitable but creativity is integral. Take notes from the leaders in your field, follow suit with what works for you, and remember that no two paths are the same

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