Top Six Creative Ideas For Your Festive Season Digital Marketing


As it’s barely eight weeks into 2022, people’s consumerism attitude will begin to increase with more people online shopping this year than ever before, there are some great ways to promote your business and increase sales during the holidays.

End of the year holiday is a time to be creative. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or trying to develop some unique ideas for your digital marketing campaign, creativity can go a long way. Here are top five creative examples of how you can use your digital marketing channels to promote your business during the season.

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From Facebook ads to email blasts, there are plenty of strategies to choose from. This article will help get you started with some ideas for making the most of this upcoming holiday!

Use Social Media to Promote Your Holiday Sale

With over 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook, there’s no better time than now to connect with your current and prospective customers using social media. You can use that reach to get the word out about deals or promotions you run during the holidays.

Giving away gifts as one of the fastest ways to get prospects’ attention If running a contest isn’t your thing, then post some great deals you are offering for the holidays to entice people to shop at your store.

Person holding Mug and Mobile Phone Utilize Holiday-Themed Content

As we mentioned earlier, this is the most expensive season for retailers every year. Digital marketing channels like social media and email blasts can be extremely helpful for promoting your deals. For example, if you have a retail store, run some Facebook ads featuring some great deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Make sure you include plenty of details in the copy of your post so that people know exactly what they are getting.

Don’t forget to include all the relevant details about your offer. If you don’t have a retail store, make sure you are promoting your online deals on social media. Update some of your Facebook cover photos to promote some Christmas shopping.

Use Email Marketing to Target Customers

Once you have some creative content to promote your holiday sale, the next step is to put it out there. Let’s say you are running a promotion that includes an extra 10% off your entire purchase if people use a given coupon code when checking out.

You can send an email blast to remind people of the promotion and encourage them to claim their coupon code before it expires. While you are at it, don’t only send the email to your subscribers. If you have a list of past customers or leads that haven’t shopped with your store in a while, reach out to those people as well.

Utilize the Season Spirit to Create Original Content

So far, we’ve covered how to use social media and email marketing to promote deals you are running for the season. However, that’s not all there is when it comes to digital marketing. Festive session is full of consumerism, which means that you can create all kinds of season-themed content for your digital channels to help boost engagements and awareness.

Promote Your Deals with Google Ads

You might have heard of the Google Ads platform from other websites you’ve been to in the past. You might even be using Google ads on your website right now. So what about promoting deals with Google ads? If you have a popular product around the holidays, then this might be a good way to increase sales in a short period. You can target keywords related to holiday and people looking for ways to save money over the holidays.

Use Your Content in Emails

One thing you should know by now is that the holidays are full of consumerism. People just love shopping during this time of year! If you’re running a sale or another promotion over the holidays, consider promoting it within your email blasts. Include images and links to specific deals that you’re running so that people can easily click through and purchase the products they want right away.

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You can use a tool like ConvertKit to create your email blasts and then add some pre-written text on top of the images/links you want to promote.

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It’s important to get creative with your holiday marketing and promotions because the whole point of digital marketing is to make it stand out from all of the other ads that people see on the web. By doing this, you’ll increase brand awareness while also giving your customers something fun and memorable to look forward to.

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