I Have Never Travel Out of Nigeria – Mr. Macaroni

Comic Skit Maker and Actor, Debo Macaroni


Frustration led me into comedy skit making, it was not what I initially planned. I was struggling when started. I didn’t really like comedy but featured in serious roles in movies and when people said I’m not funny, I don’t take it to heart because frustration led me into comedy skit making.

Popular comedian skit maker and actor, Debo Adebayo is popularly known as Mr. Macaroni has revealed that he has never been out of the country for whatsoever reason, saying Nigeria is a nation that’s blessed with talents and creative minds in spite of an economical and unconducive environment threatening businesses to thrive as entrepreneurs’ expectation.

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Speaking as a panelist at the 5th Lagos Digital Summit with the theme; Digital Media as a Tool for Business, Macaroni said he has never traveled abroad as he sees Nigeria as a content marketplace where creatives are exploring opportunities in the entertainment space through digital media as a business tool.

When asked about his evident love for Nigeria, he noted that if there is anything that he loves about Nigeria is the fact that the country is blessed with talents and content.

Narrating his journey into comedy skit making, Macaroni explained that he never had the plan to be a comedian because getting ‘serious roles’ as an actor in movies has been what he had wanted for himself at the beginning.

“Frustration led me into comedy skit making because that wasn’t the plan initially. In the beginning, when I started, I was struggling because I didn’t really like comedy but featured in a serious role in movies and when people said I’m not funny, I don’t take it to heart because frustration led me into a comedy skit.’’

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Commenting on how digital media has contributed to his brand as a public figure, he said digital media especially through the social platforms have really promoted his content and also leveraged the platform to speak for Nigerians, urging the government to do the needful as an activist.

“I started late in 2019 with a low passion for it.  My teacher told me that people need to keep evolving with current reality. I have become a brand in the industry. Being comfortable, I always use my content to speak for discomfort people and that is why we are doing well”

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He however advised participants to make effective uses of digital media to promote their business with the right content, letting people know what they are into as a business or profession.

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