Lagos Digital Summit: Omoraro Charges Entrepreneurs on Digital Inclusion for Business Growth

C o-founder, Rage Media Group, George Omoraro

Co-founder of Rage Media Group, George Omoraro has charged entrepreneurs on effective usage of digital media through valuable content and constant engagement with prospects and existing consumers as key indicators for business growth in the 21st century.

Speaking as a keynote speaker at the Lagos Digital Summit themed Digital media as a tool for business, the media consultant stressed that digital media has provided an opportunity for everyone to reach out to people and sell their brands for general acceptability with sales conversion as result.

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He said, “digital media in the advertising world now controls 20.4% of the total 493 billion in the world with over 142 digital platforms in the world, making it a tool for business owners to leverage to acquire more income”

Omoraro pointed that the world has become flat and services are accessible everywhere, adding that businesses must define their brands and serve clients the way they want to be served.

“An average Nigerian spends more than 142 minutes just on social media every day because people are migrating to digital space. Digital media content must be alive and you need to be in charge of the narrative. Your content should be your copyright”, he said.

He further cautioned business owners on channel selection for clients’ engagement, saying that it is not every social media platform some businesses must be on but only those that suit the model and nature of such businesses bearing in mind what and where the prospects want to be on various social media platforms.

George said, “Using digital media to reach the right people is not just to have fans or followers but having people on your pages who are always willing to purchase and convert it to cash. Some businesses thrive better on Instagram and website pages but always make it difficult to generate more sales through Twitter and Facebook because those target audiences are not on such platforms.

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On brand visibility in the digital media space, George enjoined businesses to effectively use trending words to attract more people to their business page for more brand visibility, saying it drives the search online and buy offline metrics.

He also advised businesses to seek brand collaboration for profitability and popularity in business, noting that such collaboration should not involve similar brands to avoid unhealthy rivalry or tug of war for brands.

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