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“Personal branding is knowing how good you are and letting people know how good you are.  It’s like saying that I am good at what I do and don’t tell people about it, that could mean winking in the dark”


Precious Gift Ajudie is the founder and chief brand officer of Glass ‘N’ Craft Public Relations, a leading agency in Lagos. The PR firm is tailored towards African executives in creating the right branding perception and reputation for brand visibility and sustainability.

With over five years of experience in the communication industry, Precious has managed various PR accounts for brands in agriculture, real estate, technology-based, education, and event management.

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The Graduate in the English Language had undergone several other professional certifications in public relations, business development, and effective communication.

Speaking with EnterpriseCEO, the public relations expert narrated how she found herself in the public relations profession, saying that her media career frustration was the turning point for her with the support of a late mentor, Mr. Femi Babalogbon who suggested public relations and introduced her to a PR expert for internship.

“At first while in school, I never thought of PR as a career, though media has been my dream work. I’ve worked as an intern at a radio station in Ondo state after my graduation from school.”

“When I came to Lagos, I tried different job roles that include designing, website, and graphics but I wasn’t fitting in so well it was more of tech and I had to quit. I tried customer care, social media marketing but at a point, I got frustrated because I wasn’t hitting the point in my career.

“Mr. Femi later advised me to go for Public Relations and he introduced me to the MD/CEO, Disrupt, David Idagu who is a PR merchant and guru and I worked with him, that’s how I fell in love with public relations practices and started my PR brand and personal branding.

Speaking on the significance of personal public relations, Precious said people like Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote of this world could start any business today and such business would hit the ground running because of their strong personal branding.

At Glass ‘N’ Craft, we are committed to clients with dreams and potentials with birth purpose because PR is carving reputation and perception, how you want to be reviewed or perceived and this goes a long way because a good reputation is the greatest investment any individual or brand might have.

In simple terms, Public Relations is about creating and maintaining a good image in the eyes of the public, stakeholders, or anyone that has something to do with your brand.

“Personal branding is knowing how good you are and letting people know how good you are.  It’s like saying that I am good at what I do and not telling people about it,s like winking in darkness because no matter how good you are if you blink in the dark, you will remain in the dark”, she said.

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“Someone like Rihanna had gone into oblivion because of her music career but for her personal branding, she is the richest female entertainer in the world right now, beating Oprah Winfrey’’

When asked about her personal life philosophy, PreciousGift said she has learned that if someone is not prepared for opportunity, such a person will remain backstage in life no matter how great he thinks he is.

“Look out for opportunity and be sure to be prepared when those opportunities come by and that is something that has kept me going and I believe that should keep every entrepreneur going too. Keep building and amassing intellectual resources and meeting people because when the time comes for you to be in the limelight it will be easy.

When asked about her greatest turn-off, PreciousGift identified injustice and people keeping cool with it as her off point. She said living in a loveless society, where for instance someone was robbed or beaten up unjust and people that ought to support the victim claim to be minding their business.

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“I really wish we all can be our brother’s keeper rather than recording it and sharing it on social media because they want to create content. If we all share the common value of love there won’t be bad politicians, the world would be a better place if we truly love regardless of our religion or value system.


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