Nigeria Loses N546.5bn To Twitter Ban


Nigeria’s economy has lost a huge sum of N546.5b to the shutdown of Twitter since it came into effect on June 4, 2021.

According to the NetBlocks Cost of Shutdown Tool, Nigeria’s economy loses N104.02m ($250,600) every hour to the ban on Twitter. It has been 4,800 hours (200 days) since the social networking site was blocked.

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By the end of yesterday, it was 5,328 hours in the 222 days since the social networking site was blocked, and about N546.5 billion was already lost by the economy.

It was reported last year that contrary to claims that there were about 40 million Twitter users, findings revealed that there was just 3.05 million potential audiences that the microblogging platform reports could be reached with adverts on the platform.

According to 2021 digital report by Hootsuite, a social media and marketing dashboard, Twitter’s potential advertising audience compared to the total population aged 13 plus in Nigeria is 2.4 percent, while the quarter-on-quarter change in Twitter’s advertising reach is 17.3 percent.

The implication of this is that Twitter’s penetration in the country is still very low compared to other platforms. Analytically, it equally means that it is unlikely that these 3.05 million adverts audience would be impacted by the American company.

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While the ban lasted, some Nigerians, including government officials, were still tweeting. They circumvented the process by installing Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN is a technology that encrypts your Internet traffic on unsecured networks to protect your online identity and hide your details.



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