How Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson, Health Tracka’s Co-founder is Redefining Health Practices with Technology in Africa



There was a time that before you can get health advice, you have to see the doctor but today you can get it from the internet and this means that the more people have access to mobile technology, the more they have access to better life and information required

In a global village, technology inclusion has become a major landmark in redefining every industry practice and attracting growth for investors to finance technology-based startups that seek to solve people’s problems.

Against this backdrop, the Nigerian health sector compared to the financial technology and e-commerce spaces have not been fully engaged and utilize the opportunities which come with technology usage in ensuring that health services are accessible, faster, and affordable.

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Focusing on health technology with a mission to help millions of Africans get informed about their health status for necessary medical attention, the co-founder and CEO, HealthTracka, Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson has rollout plans on digitalizing the healthcare space for people’s convenience.

Healthtracka - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

HealthTracka is a digital health platform that offers the best at-home health tests in Lagos with easy-to-read diagnostics test results. The platform offers health screening tests from the comfort of people home and gets their test results within 48-hours with all test results are reviewed and confirmed accurate by medical professionals before being released

Speaking about the necessity for creating the health platform, Ifeoluwa explained that she took the plunge after she had a first-hand experience when someone she loved died in a situation that could have been avoided if health platforms like HealthTracka have been in place.

According to Ifeoluwa, people don’t know their health status because they have not done any tests to ascertain if they have some health issues and that has been the gap HealthTracka wants to fill.

“People shouldn’t wait until they are 40 or 50 before they start checking their health status when they should be relaxing and watching their kids grow. The impact we have recorded has been great and we have also seen how it has been changing lives, saving their time and cost’’

Commenting on how people have adopted mobile digital technology, Ifeoluwa explained that technology is inclusive and has accelerated the penetration, adding that it is another way of exploring all opportunities to achieve startups goals.

“There was a time that before you can get health advice you have to see the doctor but today you can get it from the internet and this means that the more people have access to mobile technology, the more they have access to better life and information required, she said.

Narrating how she was able to break into the tech space being a woman, Ifeoluwa maintained that offering value has made her relevant in the space and that has made it difficult for anybody to ignore her.

“My mantra has been that people must see the traction, growth, and success and I know it could be delayed gratification for many. I would say that the tech ecosystem is not as that clicker but finding your tribe, people that support you would make life easier in the tech space”

She further explained that it requires effort and proving to people your value which could take time but the trick is to find your tribe and be valuable.

Meanwhile, comparing the fintech higher attraction with health tech, Ifeoluwa said for every season there is always an industry making waves.

“I remember when it was e-commerce and now it is fintech, I think the next is the health tech and is because we have a lot of problems in Africa that need to be solved. The future of health care will have to be at home and have to be digital that we can all maximize the opportunity in the ecosystem.

On the funding part, Ifeoluwa started with bootstrapping and later pitched to people to invest in her company because the firm already knew what they wanted to do.

Running a business in Nigeria comes with challenges, unstable power supply, hiring the right talents, and logistics in ensuring prompt collection and delivery of results have been the issues but as a Health firm, Ifeoluwa and her team has always been finding a way out around it.

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HealthTracka as an Africa-focused health company is based in Nigeria, projection in a few years according to the founder is to expand its operations in bringing the lab to everybody’s doorsteps in Africa as they start with Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa with a strong partnership already established in those countries.

CEO/Founder, Healthtracka, Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson

Ifeoluwa however advises aspiring startup founders to get started and not wait till they get everything perfect.

“Get started and don’t rush to be perfect.  Startups get to improve on their services through customers’ experience using the product and with feedback, it helps to become a better entrepreneur”, Ifeoluwa said.

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