9 Things I Learnt Attending Daystar Career Development Program


Story By Nurudeen Salako

Business executives and industry leaders were charged to critically look into their respective industries if they are adapting to the new normal brought by the technology intervention and staying relevant.

Attending a career development program organized by Daystar Christian Center during the weekend, I left the inaugural event as a more informed and enlightened person who had acquired some insightful and thought-proving sessions about professionalism and career sustainability, growth and development.

Here are the nine lessons learnt from the Daystar Career Development Program

1. Don’t Look For Better Job, Better Job is Looking For Better You

Contrary to what people gave as advice to unemployed graduates or working-class    fellows to look out for better jobs but ignoring the significance of employability skills for job-seekers and employees to fit into the roles of their dream jobs when the opportunity comes.

The panelists with their wealth of career experience stressed that hundreds of Nigerian graduates get jobs everyday and what makes them qualified for those roles are employability skills they possessed beyond the certificate issued to them after schooling.

“Stop looking for a better job, a better job is looking for better you – make yourself employable’’ – Gbenga Totoyi

2. Knowledge is No Longer Power Until It Is Apply

Apparently, information is the liberator of the mind as knowledge seeks to identify and clarify what it is and is not.

However, people were made to understand that putting knowledge acquired on the job into use at their respective workplace remains a crucial factor in determining their promotions and career success, and not measured with the voluminous knowledge but yet not beneficial to organization.

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3. Technology, Globalization and Mobility Redefining Industries And Careers

Technology and the advent of social media are becoming a force to be reckoned with across all industries as they are highly redefining the mode of operations and shifting the paradigm from conventional approach to the new normal.

According to the keynote speaker at the program, Dr. Opeyemi Odeshina, new jobs would emerge with the invention of social media while noting that some jobs in the coming years would lose touch of relevance and possibly go into extinction.

Business executives and industry leaders were charged to critically look into their respective industries if they are adapting to the new normal brought by the technology intervention and staying relevant.

‘’Globalization through technology has made the world a global village and people can work remotely with different organizations from their room and have more than one legitimate income’’ Dr. Opeyemi Odeshina

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4. Your Career Success Start And End In Your Head

Building a successful career is never a walk in the park, it comes with obstacles, disappointment and low moments but having a positive mental attitude and sound mindset makes the challenges minimal and scale through them on the path of achieving one’s career milestones.

Participants were charged to have a flexible mind that always sees opportunities and growth in challenges, strongly being optimistic and having the anything is possible mindset in the course of their career.

‘’When preparedness meets opportunity it becomes success, it is not about your age but mindset – be relevant’’ Babatunde Ojo, another panelist said.

5. Never Make A Mentor Your Standard But Your Vision

Speaking on the importance of mentoring and career coaching for career success, Mrs. Taiwo Dayo-Abatan implored participants to maximize the opportunities posed from having a good mentor to guide them right in their decision making.

She further caution them from making common mistakes using their mentor lifestyle and career affluence to set their career standard but their personal vision should determine their success career drive.

6. Even As Employee, Take Ownership

In most corporate settings, employees always adhere strictly to the policy of let me work-get-paid-and-go detaching themselves from any emotional attachment and the zeal to treat the work as their own.

This might sound nice for some employees but it won’t help them when setting up their business brands because they won’t have the grinds as entrepreneurs and require business exposure and experience when it matters most.

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7. Brand Yourself

Branding and right positioning are crucial to career growth and this entails creating a niche for yourself, letting people know you for something and becoming that go-to person when they need your service.

Personal branding attracts more opportunities beyond career growth, it gives people a good image and general recognition away from their profession and every career person must define what he or she wants to be known for – within and outside the workplace.

8. Expand Your Network

Collaboration is key for any mission to be accomplished and so is networking, workers are expected to extend cordial relationships with people around them, particularly in the industries they operate from.

Networking and collaborations would not only boost their brand positioning but also add value to their lives in all spheres.

9. Constant Improvement

Continuous learning on the job and being open to corrections are traits every career-focus individual should develop and imbibe, it makes dreams possible and achievable. Professionals should keep improving and adding value if they want to remain relevant in the space they operate in.

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