From Crutches To Cruises: The Ugochukwu Omeogu’s Positive Effects of Life

Principal Consultant and Prime Facilitator of Merignos Consulting and Mentoring Limited, Ugochukwu Omeogu,

Seye Joseph

“Anytime you receive value or any kind of kindness from people, even though you didn’t beg for it, you are still indebted. Whether it is solicited for or not, as long as you have received value from them and there is no corresponding value back to the source of that value, such a person is indebted”

Life is interesting.  

None of us planned or negotiated to be here, and all that happens to us as humans does not come to us because of who we are. Whether we are ready or not, the race of life starts the moment our parents have the intention to live together. Life did not seek our consent.

For Ugochukwu Omeogu, a Workplace Attitude Expert, Personal Development and Career Coach, life was what happened to him when he had polio, growing up.

As a polio survivor that has lived most of his life on crutches, Ugochukwu has been able to change the status quo, creating systems for people to live transformed lives through his training and coaching programs. He has designed strategies for wealth creation and provided business knowledge to drive maximum growth, value and possibilities for global business penetration.

Ugochukwu, who is the Principal Consultant and Prime Facilitator of Merignos Consulting and Mentoring Limited – a Career, Management and Business Development Company, said that the story of his life is a testament to what the human mind can withstand, saying that as long as the human’s mind is intact and has the capacity to think about events of life, man can achieve anything.

Ugochukwu had polio at one-year-old, a challenge that made it difficult for him to go to school because he had to deal with the physical challenges of going to school every day. 

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Like other people, he pointed out that his family did not have a car to take him and his other siblings to school.

“My siblings would walk a long distance to get to school, but I couldn’t do that due to my polio challenge. But, every day as my brothers woke up to go to school, I would also wake up and dress up with them. The only challenge is that when we get to the gate of my house, they would go to school and I would stay at the gate till they are back before they return back to the house”

The young Ugochukwu who was not perturbed with his encounter at that time was lucky one day to have someone volunteer to take him to school on his motorcycle on his way to work every day.

“The man parked his motorcycle in front of our house and asked if my father was around. I said yes. He came into the house and asked my dad if he could take me to school with his bicycle, as the school was on his way to his work. That was how I started going to school”

“What I realized from that event is that anytime you are at the gate of your destiny, a helper will always show up. If I wasn’t coming out at that gate, I probably wouldn’t find the man to help me. My life story has taught me that the kind of outcome you want in life will be based on your determination to get to that particular destination”, Ugochukwu explained.

In his drive to further push for more in life, he was admitted to Holy Ghost College in Imo State, a boarding house.

According to him, “It was my first day in school. The place was full of life with students playing football, basketball and other games. It was a beautiful scenario and I was excited. But as we got into the compound, my guardian took a turn to a place where there was barely anyone. It was a deserted area. As we got close to the place, I began to see people on crutches and wheelchairs, some were even crawling. I was like, is this how my guardian sees me?”

“The people there were helpless. Though I had very thin legs, I was still walking, but never saw myself like those people. I was shocked. Realistically, I was supposed to be okay with the place, but somehow in my mind, I believed I didn’t belong there”.

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He explained that he left his guardian, carried his provisions and went to where he saw people playing football.  

“He called me to come back, but I shunned him. “I’m not going there”, I told him. So, my things were moved from the place to where regular students were. That was how I left the place and went to the regular boarding house because I never saw anything wrong with me”

Staying among the regular students, he recounted that it was not an easy task as he had to be doing what they were doing.

“Every morning, someone had to help me out with my chores. But at some point, each time we were having the morning devotion when I’m about to say something or contribute to the discussions, the students would tell me to shut my mouth. This is because they helped me to carry my bucket to the bathroom”

Principal Consultant and the Prime Facilitator of Joseph, Ugochukwu Omeogu

“I thought they were doing it out of goodwill. I never knew that I was indebted to them. So, I learned something from that. Anytime you receive value or any kind of kindness from people, even though you didn’t beg for it, you are still indebted. Whether it is solicited for or not, as long as you have received value from them and there is no corresponding value back to the source of that value, such a person is indebted”, he said.

According to Ugochukwu, those guys were talking down on him, because they helped me.

“So I said it wouldn’t happen again and I started to share my provisions with them. I would ask if they were hungry. I would give them cornflakes, biscuits, milk among others. That is me being upfront to give you something. The next morning before I could ask, I  would have seen some of my boarding mates line up to help with my bucket without hesitation. 

At one point I see lots of students wanting to help me with my bucket because they knew they would get something in return. Because of that, I was nicknamed a ‘Million Dollar Man.’ That was an interesting story of how my mind refused to accept my challenges as a defining factor in my life.

From that point, Ugochukwu has always opted for the best things in life without allowing the expectations and opinions of other people to affect his decisions.

Today, Ugochukwu holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and he’s a United States certified tax specialist with over 15 years of practice. He has so much experience in facilitating management and business training in customer service, sales and marketing techniques, deposit mobilization, leadership, change management and customer relationship management.

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He’s also the founder of Wealthinaire Mentoring Ville, a state-of-the-art business mentoring facility in Lagos.

Ugochukwu’s mentoring, coaching experience and skills were developed at JP Morgan Chase Bank in the United States of America (USA) where he was the lead facilitator in the Performance Management Review Team (PMR). He was trained in Customer Service, Leadership and Organisational Strategy at JP Morgan Chase Bank in the United States.

While in Nigeria, he worked with one of the leading banks in Nigeria where he established with other topnotch leaders of the bank in the Regional Private Banking Unit in Port Harcourt. He facilitated the culture integration training, and designed the Train-the-Trainer mentoring programmme adopted by Lagos State Government for the Secondary Teachers and Students in Lagos State.

He was the Regional Group Leader with World Lending Group in Dallas Texas in the United States, where he functioned as the lead Loan Originator while mentoring junior officers to higher performance and also as a Senior Customer Relationship Manager.

On how he has been coping with his disability and how it affects his productivity, Ugochukwu explained that his situation primed him to think creatively more than a regular person, saying that if he wants to get up from a seat, he would do some calculations.

“I have to plan how I will take my crutches. But if I ask you to stand up, you will do that outrightly. So, the tendency for you to be lazier is higher. The body has a way of making up what you lose when one part of the body is not working”, he explained.

With this, Ugochukwu said he began to see how he could make up for his physical challenge and decided to be more knowledgeable so that when he hung out with friends, he would have answers to their questions.

“I began to study a lot. Guess what happened? I had more answers to more questions. So, my friends were dependent on me for solutions and the first person to run to when they have any issue with their academics or life is me. I became the person they come to and what I thought was an alternative (my mind) became the main thing. Right now, I have lots of people who come to me to find answers”

“The lesson here is that your hands and legs are accessories while your mind is the command centre. If your mind is not working, your legs or hands are useless. So, today, I have trained lots of people around the world, I coach people and get paid in foreign currencies. Basically, my mind is all I need to be great”, Ugochukwu explained.

Ugochukwu doesn’t believe people should depend on the government to provide everything for them before achieving their life purpose.

According to him, “Government is not an alien. We are the government. We are the people that make the government. The government doesn’t come from outside the country, they are part of our family members, our church, mosque, and culture. So, everything you want those people to do, you have to do it yourself”

“There’s no way we can expect a government that is like us and from us to do something that’s outside of what we do ourselves. So, before we start putting blame on the government, I think we should start to look at our family, cultural and religious values, and begin to change things for the better because somebody will go to the government to expand what we already do”




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