Meet Popular Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya, Who Makes $50,000 Monthly on YouTube


“I kept making videos until my dad found one of them and got extremely mad at me. My mother came to my rescue and two weeks later; my dad gave me his blessing”

Promoting Africa and Africans uniqueness, showcasing the continent’s success across businesses, lifestyle, culture to the world has been a major concern for the continent image until Kobina Ackon popularly known as Wode Maya – a popular Ghanaian YouTuber is rewriting the story via his page and making $50,000 monthly from contents.

The circumstance and reality of destiny changed the aspiration of the Ghanaian digital star who had humble beginnings in the Western Region of Ghana and wanted to become an aeronautical engineer after completing his secondary school education in Ghana. Ackon relocated to China to further his studies as an aeronautical engineer.

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Anyone can be a YouTuber- Wode Maya - YFM Ghana

But contrary to what most people believe, success on YouTube did not come overnight for him. In fact, it was a slow and steady rise filled with trial and error tracking analytics that would guide him to the right blend of content to identify a niche that would give him six-figure success.

Becoming the first Ghanaian YouTuber to hit over a million subscribers, Ackon shared his story, stating that his YouTube journey was quite by accident as he never dreamt to be a YouTuber until when an incident happened which made him and his friends shoot a video taking the main character role in that video.

“It was during a vacation and I couldn’t travel back to Ghana because of money, forcing my friends and I to spend time in our dorms. A friend came to me and said ‘let’s go out and shoot a video’. Afterwards, they gave me the video and I realized I didn’t have a pen drive or anywhere to save this video so I decided to save it on the internet and that is when I saved it on YouTube”

The video became sensation amongst his friends and based on the positive feedback, Ackon decided to do another video detailing how he met his Chinese girlfriend. Even with the video getting him 1,000 followers, unfortunately his subsequent efforts didn’t fare too well expected.

The thirty-one years old YouTuber said, “I did more comedic videos and people said you are not funny and they stopped watching them. But I had a passion for it so I kept doing it and started doing more research on the platform. That is when I started consuming a lot of content on YouTube and realized I can actually be a millionaire on YouTube.”

Meanwhile, the Ghanaian once convinced his father to let him focus more on content creation rather than engineering. His words, “I kept making videos until my dad found one of them and got extremely mad at me. My mother came to my rescue and two weeks later; my dad gave me his blessing.

In what he described as a game-changing speech from his father, The YouTuber said his father gave him advice if he can be speaking, which he knows well to bridge the gap between Africans and Chinese people and that became his breakthrough.

Ackon took his father’s advice and his channel grew to 100,000 subscribers. But for Ackon, something wasn’t adding up. He felt like the videos he was doing was only attracting Africans to China not vice versa. Ackon decided to return to Africa and preach about Africa to Chinese people.

Upon his return, only for the YouTuber to discover that even Africans didn’t know much about other countries on the continent and decided to start profiling the continent of Africa to Africans both at home and in the diaspora.

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Speaking on his massive page growth after dishing out African contents for Africans, Ackon revealed that within a month, he had 50,000 people following his channel. And it had taken him four years to get to 100,000 subscribers. The result which he said showed him that a lot of people were yearning for African content.

Today, with over 1.1 million subscribers, Ackon monthly take home from his YouTube Channel ranges from $20,000 to $50,000. Most of his revenue comes from YouTube advertisements as well as from charging up to $10,000 a pop to profile Africa’s brightest entrepreneurs.

The celebrity YouTuber’s next milestone is to interview, Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, on how he built his wealth. He also wants his channel to only push out positive African narratives to the world. For now, he certainly has the world’s attention.

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