5 Things We Learnt Attending LIMB Simple’s Alumni Workshop Series


This involves crafting a unique identity, value proposition, and online positioning strategy to effectively attract and engage the target audience.

Tumilara Amosu and Ayomikun Oludemi are staff writers at Enterpriseceo Media Company. They recently attended the LIMBSimple alumni workshop series, centered around the theme “Digital Positioning for Entrepreneurs: How to Attract Their Dream Online Customers.”

The session was led by Amina Asu-Beks, Head of Digital Asset at LIMBSimple to equip LIMBSimple alumni with the knowledge and skills to establish a strong digital presence, engage their target audience, and drive business growth in a cost-effective manner.

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Asu-Beks defined digital positioning for entrepreneurs as a strategic approach to establishing a distinctive online presence. This involves crafting a unique identity, value proposition, and online positioning strategy to effectively attract and engage the target audience.

During the workshop, attendees gained valuable insights, and here are the key takeaways:

  1. Emotions Influence Buying Decisions: Attendees learned that emotions play a significant role when buyers are faced with purchasing decisions. Emotions can shape perceptions of a product, influence evaluations of its features, and ultimately impact the decision to make a purchase.
  2. The Value-Seeking Perfect Customer: The workshop emphasized the concept of the perfect customer – an individual who knows what they want and actively seeks to obtain it. The perfect customer chooses a business over competitors due to the unique value that the business provides.
  3. Strategic Investment Yields Success: The workshop highlighted the notion that businesses willing to invest more money have a competitive advantage in the market. By allocating substantial resources, companies can implement strategies and activities that give them an edge over their competitors.
  4. The Power of Free Value: Attendees learned that providing valuable free offerings is an effective digital marketing strategy. By offering something of value without charge, businesses can attract and engage potential customers, build trust, and ultimately drive growth.
  5. Crafting Customer Personas: The importance of creating customer personas was emphasized. Attendees discovered that by developing detailed customer profiles based on research and data analysis, marketers can gain a better understanding of their target audience and tailor their strategies accordingly.

The LIMBSimple Alumni Workshop Series proved to be a valuable learning experience for attendees, equipping them with practical knowledge and strategies to enhance their digital positioning efforts.

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By leveraging these insights, entrepreneurs can navigate the digital landscape effectively, attract their ideal customers, and drive business growth.

LIMBSimple has helped organisations simplify strategies, prepared and equipped them with how to execute business strategies to achieve profitability and fulfillment.

LIMBSimple: Enhancing Entrepreneurs' Potentials With Strategy Factory | Enterprise CEO

The organization has worked with with over 2,400 customers and currently have 31 of its clients doing over a billion a year in revenue.

”We believe the old mantra, that says “what is learnt with pleasure is learnt full measure” so we attach some fun and creativity to our style of learning. Our approach is a mix of presentations, illustrations and simulation exercises that “drive our points home”, Ezekiel Solesi, LIMB Simple CEO said.

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